How Gaming is Like A Long Term Investment of Time and Money

How Gaming is Like A Long Term Investment of Time and Money

“Everybody has a plan, until they get hit.” – Mike Tyson

I have been around for a long time, from Dave to Mortal Kombat 11. The feeling of accomplishing a tough challenge in Mario to in Tekken is unparalleled. However, regardless of how talented you are, you will always find another team with a better strategy, play style or synergy which gives an evergreen thrill and excitement, even in defeat.

The best thing is that our passion is quite valuable! But its comes at a cost.

The Gaming Industry and the probability of success for a gamer in a Nutshell
Computer gaming is a hobby that is not gladly accepted by society. Gaming consumes a fair amount of time and money which more often than not affects the schooling and healthy development of a child. Furthermore, a comprehensive study has proved that violent video games tend to increase violent thoughts, behaviors, and feelings in children.

Moreover, the gaming profession is highly competitive. There were 226 million viewers for e-sport in 2017. Now assuming that there are more gamers than viewers (estimated more than 1.2 billion), only top 2000 of them get to make a living from it.

Hence, the probability of making a living in gaming is 0.0002 percent. However, the winning prize of top tournaments in the world makes it worth the trouble. Gaming Industry also has its league of celebrities with extremely talented players from China, Europe, Korea, and Japan.

The International, the DOTA2 Championship was first held in 2011, in Germany. It was the first computer gaming tournament with a prize of more than a million dollars. The prizepool in 2011 was at $1.6million, in 2018 it increased to $30 million.

How Do Other Gamer Survive this Race?

The passion for gaming is such that it does not diminish with age. Nevertheless, the priorities have to be readjusted with age. The economies and responsibilities of life cut down on the gaming time. Now, if you are a full-time gamer yourself, you want to see how your passion and money align.

If you happen to be a competitive online gamer you could register your self for tournaments in the gaming centers in your vicinity or online. Friendly gaming cafe’ bets also go a long way in the beginning. Moreover, a certain amount of investments as participation fees might be required, and it will give the right exposure in moving to the next level.

If you love what you do and do it with all your love, no one will be able to replicate your play style your stream, as their cannot be a copy of yourself.

Do you want to safe and good, or do you want to take a chance and be great?

There are a few direct ways about how to earn through your favourite games:

  • Enter the respective gaming community and create networks, clans or guilds.
  • Enter tournaments online as well as the ones in the nearest gaming cafe. Losses are inevitable, but in loss there is real knowledge

Now if you are into other genres of gaming which go to single player, adventure, story mode etc. you can try streaming your game and earn through:

  • Fan donations – this happens when either a fan or a viewer donates a certain amount into your account (Paypal or through their credit cards)
  • Subscribers – If you happen to impress a viewer with your stream, chances are that they will subscribe to your channel. A general figure would be “number of fans * $3.50”. There is paid subscription as well, which gives you a *$4.50.
  • Advertisements – The streamer can choose to display ads on his stream from time to time, depending on his whim. If you are a streamer with a sizable viewership you may earn up to $1000 a month.
  • Sponsorship – Now if you are a well recognized streamer, sometimes companies pay you to play their games for a period of time. This would depend on the type of game you want to play to the quality of the game.

Micro Aggression and Self Development

The success rate for gamer in this industry in very low and morale can be lost in face of failure and rejection. During this phase make it important to maintain a healthy life style.

I am talking 6-7 hours of sleep, hydration and meals for a healthy functioning mind to help me use your wits, and strategy in a game. Staying physically fit also improves your reflexes which may be needed to make those split second decisions often required to win crucial team battles.

I am sure if you are into competitive games you will be a regular visitor to Dormammu; and it often ends up costing us a lot more than they should.

Remember that the comeback is always around. You just have to persevere and find a way to motivate yourself.
The best plays come when you are calm.
Good Game

The writer is a experienced gamer and has played the following games:

Delta force 2, task force dagger. MK4 gold, Hitman, Return to castele wolfenstein, AOE, Warcraft, Diablo II, Amnesia, The suffering, ONI, Tekken3-6, Street fighter,Pokemon red-black, Virtua fighter 2, LF2, Runescape, Endless Online, Potal Dude,  COD, Unreal tournament, NFS and so on

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